Accurate Sports Logo

Welcome to Accurate Sports. We strive to make the most Accurate AR’s possible. With our new L.E.A.P. Stock, and using the finest barrels manufactured, we have done just that. We use Shilen, Rock Creek, Broughton, Kreiger, Douglas and others. We Chamber our AR-15 barrels with a tighter than 2 thousands Head Space. Accurate Sports Side Charging System, along with an Adjustable Gas Block, can turn your AR into a like bolt action rifle for single or slow fire. As an auto loading rifle, it still offers the accuracy of a bolt gun, hence, the name Accurate Sports.

We are currently Chambering AR-15 barrels in 223 Remington Match, 223 Wylde, 264 LBC, 6mmx45, 300 AAC Blackout, 7.62×39, 6.8mm. Muzzle Crown of your choice. Muzzle Threading for Suppressor or Muzzle Break. AR-308 also available, Chambering in 308 National Match, 243 Match, along with 260 Remington and 260 Ackey Imp.

General and Custom Gun-Smithing services are also available. Trigger work, Slide work, Porting and fabricating one off parts.

We are a custom machine shop so we can make you Custom Muzzle Breaks, Hand-Guards, Ect. Just ask, and we will tell you if we can do it or not.

We also offer highly accurate custom Bolt Rifles built on the Remington, Savage, Sako, Bat actions and many others. Either we can supply an action or we can true and blue print yours. Your choice of barrel maker, profile, length and caliber. Your Bolt Rifle Barrel will be chambered to a zero Head Space, using a SAMI Spec. Go Gauge. If you are a reloader, We can Head Space using the rounds supplied by you.